No Fillers

Essentials is so good for dogs »
Essentials dog roll is made from the highest quality, natural products and is scientifically formulated to create a nutritionally complete pet food for dogs and puppies.

Essentials contains no fillers »
Fillers have no nutritional value and are used to save money on ingredients in cheap pet foods.  Essentials is the only dog roll on the market with no fillers in its ingredients.

Why dogs need meat and not biscuits »
A dog's natural diet is to eat 'wet' food, that contains a lot of water. This is best for their digestion and good health.  Dog roll is a great source of moist food for dogs.

Where to Buy »
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Ingredients for new recipe:

Lamb and venison, organ meat from lamb and venison, amino acids from new Zealand, rice flour, organic vitamins and minerals

"As a dog breeder, I am aware of the limitations of conventional dog roll. As a science graduate, I am also aware of the need for dogs to have a steady diet of fresh meat.

With Essentials I have created a nutritionally balanced dog food that only uses ingredients that your pets require in their diet. Essentials is enhanced with natural amino acid concentrates to give your dog a complete range of digestible protein designed to promote your dog's health and well being."
Philippa Hanley
Director, Hanley Supplements

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What do amino acids do?

Arginine Supports the immune system.
Histidine Essential for protein synthesis. Protects from anaemia. Involved in carnitine and haemoglobin synthesis.
Isoleucine (See valine) Involved in protein synthesis and energy production. Supports optimum growth in immature dogs.
Leucine (See valine) Optimises growth. Helps maintain muscle strength during times of stress and intensive exercise.
Lycine Promotes bone growth in puppies.
Methionine Help fat accumulation in the liver. Supports liver in detoxification. precursor of L-carnitine (essential for energy and muscle production).
Phenyl-alanine Helps control the appetite. Prevents loss of pigmentation from skin and hair.
Threonine Regulates energy requirements. Essential for optimum growth and feed conversion.
Tryptophan Aids in blood clotting. Produces serotonin which is needed for sleep.
Valine (Isoleucine and Leucine) These essential amino acids work together and are termed "branched-chain" amino acids. They regulate protein and energy metabolism. They are converted into energy during times of fasting or between meals.